Friday, October 31, 2008

Epic Flail

Scene: Government 54, U.S. Foreign Policy

Actors: The Professor, kickass
Me, spastic
Phil, less spastic

As participation is "highly encouraged and may be factored into our grades" I have been known to occasionally do the reading for this class. I don't always work up the nerve to contribute, but sometimes, the pretentious assholes (we have a female one in this class, how diverse), sometimes they get to me and I work up the nerve to raise my hand. El profesor, who is actually a very cool guy, is sensitive to the fact that it's kind of awkward to have people sitting there with their hands up and to maintain a sense of order/blood circulation, he usually acknowledges the group of people with their hands raised, a la "Okay, so we'll hear from Radical Republican, Stoner Hippie, and then Caffeinegirl."

Everyone collectively tunes out Radical Republican, as that's better for your blood pressure. I surreptitiously check blitz on my phone. Rad Repub shuts up and THEN. The prof calls on me OUT OF ORDER. Flustered, I attempt to compose my thoughts.

For some reason, this causes me to FLING MY PHONE DOWN THE CENTER AISLE OF THE ROOM. The phone is shiny. The carpet is slippery. It slides ALL THE WAY TO THE FRONT ROW, where it lands next to Phil, fellow newspaper slave. He quickly picks it up.

I have no idea what I said after that, but I'm not sure if I recovered successfully or not. I kind of doubt it.



Sazarini said...

at least there was a handily-placed fellow newspaper slave available to pick up your phone! :)

Steph said...

here's an embarrassing story:

i was in developmental psychopathology class, which is rather sizable as it is an extremely popular class. usually, to avoid having to shift my weight to accommodate others passing by me in the poorly engineered lecture hall seats, i choose a seat in the middle of the row. and on this particular day, i had also purchased a venti-sized drink from starbucks. so obviously i had to pee. i embarrassingly step on about three people's toes and personal property but make it up the stairs and out of the hall to go to the bathroom. i do my business as quickly as possible in hopes of hearing the last tidbit on forensics in psychopathology, and as i'm coming back down the aisle, my phone rings.

now, you know me, and my phone is always on vibrate. but you probably also know LG, and their vibrate function is superiorly loud despite purporting to be a soundless ring. this would not be a problem if it were safely nestled on the bottom of my purse. however, i have most un-cleverly chosen today to place the phone on top of the desk. everyone is LAUGHING. by the time i reach my row, i realise it's my phone.

i proceed to die of embarrassment.

caffeinegirl said...

Steph wins.