Monday, July 03, 2006

The Obligatory First Post

So. A blog.

I'd love to have an "occupation" blog (waiter, lawyer, stripper, etc.) but as a student between high school graduation and college matriculation, I don't qualify. If we're going with a central theme, it's coffee. (At this point, everyone reading this knows me, so just nod and pretend this is new.)

I love coffee, but as my title says, I do more than that. I believe in it. Our culture, hardly tolerent of any chemical enhancers, has made an exception for caffeine. (If we hadn't, the economy would have ground to a halt long ago.) Caffeine lets us stay up late and then get up early, allowing us, as humans love, to resist the boundaries naturally placed upon us. Caffeine helps us think more quickly, and occasionally, in a different way.

My general attitude and behavior is influenced in part by coffee consumption, but often, I make excuses for my hyperness, overenthusiasm, and general weirdness by blaming it on caffeine. I get many strange looks, but my life is never boring. I suppose I should have called this something else, something like I believe in exploring one's natural abilities to the fullest extent, rejecting societal norms, and in general acting like a nutcase, but that makes for a bitch of a URL. Coffee is only six letters.

And it's tasty.

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Anonymous said...

hmmm... "rejecting societal norms"? then why do i feel like we're different? oh! i know -- i don't do caffeine :-) that, btw, is an exception to the i-before-e rule.