Tuesday, July 11, 2006

World's Cutest Child

I discovered today that one of our intrepid tennis campers is the World’s Cutest Child. Seriously. In addition to looking the part (Hello Kitty barretts holding her pigtails and she has HUGE eyes), she acts the part.

Example: I made the mistake of grabbing the broken basket of tennis balls. Long story short, it dumps out a hundred and fifty balls every five minutes. Tons of fun. I happened to be on the other side of the net attempting to correct some poor kid’s backhand. The World’s Cutest Child walked up to the basket to put some balls in it. As luck would have it, it collapsed right then. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her eyes get EXTRA big, complete with teeny hands covering mouth. She, mercifully, was able to gather all the balls while I was still on the other side. Then she walked up to me and earnestly said “I accidentally knocked over all the balls but I picked them up.” *look sad and serious* “Are you mad?” *lip quiver*

It’s generally bad form to physically melt from cuteness while on the job, so I’m going to kidnap her for later.

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