Monday, September 18, 2006

That was awkward

I would just like to point out that it's before 9 am and I'm a college student. Ow.

I had the pleasure of hauling myself out of bed at 7:20 this morning in order to schlep over to the Registrar's office. (No, actually, I didn't bother to change out of my pajamas, but thanks for asking.) I had to do so because "by a random process," I was part of a "small group of students" wo didn't get into any of my seminar choices. I love you too, Registrar. So, most of the cool-sounding-slash-taught-by-a-prof-with-a-good-reputation seminars were full. There was, however, ONE space left in a decent class, which also had the bonus of being at a decent hour. (2 in the afternoon :D) I assumed that more than one of us "lucky" students would come to the same conclusion, so I, in my usual obsessive compulsive manner, decided to chill on the steps of the building for half an hour before the office opened.

Yes, it was cold. I hate all of you.

So, I'm hanging out. 7:40. 7:50. 7:55. Ok, self. That was a little over the top. No one else is here! You could have SLEPT MORE.


At 7:56, someone else showed up.


Yawn "Hey."

He sits down. "So, are you here to fix your seminar?"


"Yeah, me too." Shakes his head. "I got here early because the one I want only has one space left." Looks at me suspicioiusly. "Do you know if it's first come, first serve?"

Me, slighly squeaky: "I guess?"


Eventually, they did open the office and hell yes I was first. Got assigned, got the confirmation printout, and as I was leaving, heard a certain person inquire in a not-too-low voice, "What do you MEAN it's just been filled?!?"

Ok, so yeah, my avoiding-confrontation-self ran out the back door. I am SO COOL.

But I got the seminar, bitch.


Anonymous said...

what class was it? I was in the last group to register which means allthe crap classes were left so I got there 2 hours early because my schedule was a butt to organize. I was my advisor at least 3 times a day every day for the first week. but! I got all my classes so I WIN!

Steph said...

i think this qualifies under the "YOU WIN" category.

don't forget, today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day!!! :)

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