Thursday, February 01, 2007

Because you care

Left side of the fridge:
six protein shakes
three kinds of vitamins
Four protein bars
Carrot juice

Right side of the fridge

nine cans of Red Bull
five Doubleshots
three packs of caffeine gum

So, guess who's the athlete and who's the stress case.


sayuri said...

haha, ours is like kimchi and yogurt and pudding. and my tea! and i think we might have ice cubes...?

Leina said...

ours is empty water thing, babybel cheese, and ume. Our fridge is kind of sad actually.

Leina said...

oh wait! I lied..there's also rice in there!

sayuri said...

why do you have an empty water thing in there?? and UME!! i have some but not in the fridge..

Leina said...

um..because we always forget to put water in our water purifier, which is why it just sits in there. And now I bought extra sharp chedder cheese!