Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Current state of mind

And I've studied so much biology that I've finally flipped. For reals.

An excerpt from the current notes:

-Cells that divide to give rise to more cells or cells that can adopt specialized jobs or cells that can sing opera while snowboarding
-Stem cells are basically the shit, despite what George Bush thinks
-They can replace damaged/cells/organisms
-Help us research diseases/make interns lose it
-Supply and source for TONS 'O' ORGAN TRANSPLANTS!!!! (2nd transplant of equal or lesser value FREE WITH PURCHASE!!!!!)

I think this is the point where you're supposed to start breathing into a paper bag.


leina said...

sweet! you took my advice and updated your blog! I feel so loved! Best Valentine's Day present ever!

Sayuri said...

oooooooooooooo hahahahaha. my notes during physics lecture are pretty intresting too. i drew cows falling over cliffs saying WHEE!!!! and to top it all off, my roommate had the same thing on hers. ESPN!!