Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Highlight of the day

My aforementioned biology professor went on one of his many tangents within-a-tangent which today concerned cosmetic surgery. This is a transcript:

"Personally, I find the entire practice of cosmetic surgery to be an abomination of the once-respected medical art of reconstructive surgery. But what do I know? If you look at me, obviously not a lot about plastic surgery. But hey, who cares? LET'S CHOP OFF YOUR NOSE!!!! It didn't evolve that way for a REASON or anything! And let's use the wonderful principles of economics to make plastics a highly desireable field for aspiring medical students. They could be upholding the Hippocratic oath and saving the lives of innocent starving children, but oh no! Pamela Anderson's breasts are deflating! EMERGENCY!!!!"

I swear, sometimes I'm not actually focusing in class. I"m just watching, like it's on Comedy Central.

And when we get to the tests? That's when I changed the channel to UPN and scarred myself for life with a rerun of Chaotic.


leina said...

your professor kind of sounds like you...and Chaotic was a FRIGHTENING show! I could FEEL my IQ dropping as I watched it..and it never recovered! *tear*

Sayuri said...

chaotic? qu'est-ce que c'est?? and i think i spelled that right................*shifty eyes*