Wednesday, October 24, 2007


and promises that I will break.

1. I did break my foot, but not very badly. It's more chipped than broken. I was on crutches and am still supposed to be on them but they were driving me fucking crazy, so I'm not.
I will write a post about I swear.

2. I am not in a frat. I'm in a very loud, ragey, all-female sorority. Which is awesome. And one day, perhaps after I die from biology, I will write about that.

3. I am going to strangle my *class redacted* professor. She's actually very good and even gives organized lecture notes and designs tests so that your grade is actually somewhat correlated to effort spent studying, but she keeps saying Hi-RO-shima. I would be less annoyed if I didn't know that she spoke Japanese.

Ohmygod she just SAID IT again. Hi-ro-SHI-ma or I kill this bunny.


Leina said...

perhaps you should buy her a book on how to pronounce japanese words. i saw on while i was at the japanese bookstore!

Leina said...

your bunny no can see!! it's a blank page *TEAR*

Sayuri said...

i couldn't see the bunny either :(