Saturday, October 13, 2007

if i type them out will they go away?

why do you bitch and whine and moan about the women? was it really that much better back in the day? you don't seem to mind the women when you beg and plead and coerce them into your frat basement, grope anything that moves, call them lesbian bitches if they push you away, or trash their reputations later if they don't. why is it you are calling for the removal of the women when the women should have left on their own long ago?

why did you teach them to pull my hair and laugh and know my name, let babies be born whose only destiny is to die, pretend to give us twice the joy when you were just setting us up for twice the pain? are you punishing someone? or are you just a bastard?

why did you build such a beautiful campus if you intended for us to be locked in the stacks for the rest of our lives? why do i even bother to tell the prospies about extracurricular activities? who invented a gpa?

why endow us with sense, reason, and intellect if there is such overwhelming evidence that you intended us to forgo their use?

why am I writing this instead of studying?

why do you play with dice?

why are there no capital letters in this?

why not?