Monday, March 03, 2008

Origins of the various bruises on my body

1. Knuckles, left: Towel on bar being used as foothold to facilitate top-bunk-exitage slipped off of bar, foot slipped with towel, law of gravity was upheld. Descending knuckles made abrupt contact with crown molding.

2. Hip, right: Shortly after above incident, side of body impacted the floor at high velocity.

3. Head, back of: While retrieving lost pencil, miscalculated distance between skull and underside of desk.

4. Knee, left: Slipped on ice cleverly disguised as bare sidewalk.

5. Knee, left, immediately below previous: Ice *remained* cleverly disguised as bare sidewalk on return trip. Lack of memory blamed on incident #3.

6. Dignity, the shred I have left: Damage likely permanent.



It's ok, I have random bruises too. One from falling off a couch because I thought it was wider than it actually was. Fun times

Steph said...

this post is full of win.

/doesn't get random cuts on body that she can't explain

Sazarini said...

hahahaha! i totally hit my head on my bed yesterday too, because mine's bunked on top of the desk and i hit my leg and it made me jump and hit my head.