Wednesday, August 16, 2006

More child psychology

In an effort to keep the kids remotely interested in tennis instead of, say, a passing earthworm at the back of the court, we play a lot of games. Several games require choosing a kid to be “It” first. Oh joy.

Kids do not accept guessing the number that I am thinking of. I obviously changed the number when they guessed right.

Kids do not accept spinning a racket. I spun it wrong.

Kids do not accept me pointing at someone with my eyes closed. I peeked.

Rocks-paper-scissors shoot, however? That’s law.

I suppose that a more motivated person would analyze that the child is more “involved” in that process and thus feels a greater sense of “control,” making him less likely to question the outcome of the decision.

All I know is that on my court, paper beats rock, dude.

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