Thursday, November 30, 2006


I went to a protest/rally type thing today, which was actually on the national news. Because apparently the national news is way bored.

I set out for the rally with mixed feelings, because a lot of the "controversy" on this campus is self-manufactured and a great deal of us like to protest for the sake of protesting. I ultimately decided to go because hey, it was a protest and I'm a college student and that's What We Do. I planned that I would maintain a slightly reserved attitude of mild cynicism and above-it-all-ness.

Except then one of the speakers was Really, Truly, Indescribably Powerful, and she made me (and everyone else) cry.

And I'll be dammed but it's hard to be slightly reserved and above-it-all when you have mascera running down your face.

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Sayuri+ Leina said...

So..what was this rally about?