Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sometimes, life works out

I realize that NOT fucking things up hugely isn't a big deal for most people, but it's me, so we're going to talk about it.

Ok. As per last post, went out last night. Bad idea. Fuckers having Halloween on a Tuesday. Anyway, in fit of optimisim, set alarm for 6 A.M., with intention of waking up and doing work before class.

I'll pause so you can all catch your breath from laughing.

So. Slept through alarm. Slept through back-up alarm. Slept through The Awesome Roommate swearing her alarm clock re: softball practice at ungodly hour. Slept through emergency cell phone alarm.

Awakened, stretched luxuriously, realized it was EIGHT FIFTY SIX. Freaked the fuck out, got dressed at LUDICROUS SPEED, sprinted halfway across campus.

Obviously, I was late.


MY PROF WAS LATE. Do you REALIZE the freaking ODDS of that happening? I mean, factoring in that she's been on time 45 / 46 instances times the My Luck Sucks factor of 200000...well, I can't do math anymore but the odds? FREAKISH.

Then, just because the universe had already collapsed, remember that work that I was supposed to wake up and finish? Duh, didn't.



Obviously, I'm going to die in a freak swiss-cheese related accident later today, because this is just too much karma.

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