Sunday, April 15, 2007

Annoying mySELF

Sometimes, I am seriously frustrating. (Yes, I KNOW you all already know that.)

But seriously? An excerpt from my notes:

"Waves are subject to constructive interference (maxima aligns with maxima, additive, BUT matter can--"

And then there's nothing else written on the page.


Matter can WHAT????


leina said...

HAHAHA! I do that too...where I colour code things and then I'm like BUT WHAT DO THE COLOURS MEAN??? I wonder why you stopped writing strange. you were probably like SHINY THING!!

Sayuri said...

hahahahahahahahahahahaha. i had notes like that, except it was a graph and i labeled something but it wasn't complete *sad*. and then there was that time when I was writing a double integral and i only labeled the bottom part of one of them. thankfully my roommate knew what the top part was. YAY!

and then physics is just a nightmare, but that's besides the point...