Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Everyone needs to immediately begin using the word prat

I'm not going to sit here and gross you out by describing exactly how much pain orgo entails. And I say gross you out because to convey it in all its supremely masochistic horror I would have to resort to really disgusting metaphors such as "taking orgo is kind of like eating a really long worm, vomitting it back up so that each end is hanging out of a nostril and then using it to floss your nose." And that was the graphic detail into which I was not going to go.


It may not actually be that bad because ( and I am about to roll out a new nickname here people, so this is big) BECAUSE of Fabulously Snarky British Girl, who I am lucky enough to sit next to.

And seriously? There are unbelievably prats who sit in the front and ask long and involed questions about possible exceptions to resonance structures in the case of a non-delocalized carboxylic acide group and the bitchy comments are not going to make themselves.


Leina said...

I HATE THOSE KINDS OF PPL!! just ask the questions OUTSIDE of class!!
ps, your worm story reminds me of when max tried to eat a worm bc when he was a puppy when we (we being me) gave him spaghetti would be like "oo..worm!!" and then we were in the garden once and i was like "oo!! worm!" bc there was one and max was like SPAGHETTI!! and tried to eat it. and then i cried and my dad made max spit it out.

Anonymous said...

what does snarky mean? i love british people!