Saturday, June 30, 2007

An ethical dilemma

As a fake New Yorker in Boston, I was prepared to enter a mass of people so severely misguided in their baseball team allegiences. (We will convienently ignore that I'm sretching across state lines to be in a suburb of New York AND that the Yankees are approximately three hundred million games back.)

What I was not prepared for, however, was the personally confusing juxtaposition of bumper stickers. Obviously, a person with a Red Sox bumper sticker is a complete moron, which is why they can't drive and should be honked at / cursed out / pelted with farm animals accordingly.

Yesterday, however, I saw a car whose owner had decided to display proof of his poor taste on the left side of his bumper. Typical. The RIGHT side of his bumper, however, was pure genius and you should all go purchase one. NOW.

So the question is, how is one to react to this awesomely moronic genius?

Flip them off with a smile?

Throw only half a dead woodchuck?

Suggestions welcome.

(Suggestions on how to stop blogging and STUDY FOR MY FREAKING ORGO TEST also welcome.)


Leina said...

My dear, these have been around FOREVER! for shame! anyway, you give them pie???

Abby said...

darling, i drove you around for AGES with a red sox bumper sticker, and you didn't seem to mind then :P

besides, stephen king is a red sox fan and bush is a yankees fan. i rest my case. :P

Abby said...

also, darien *is* a suburb of new york city - it just doesn't happen to be located in new york state.

Leina said...

*gasp*!!! abby! now everyone knows where she lives!!

and by "been around FOREVER" i meant since the last election- did you not see them? some guy had a sign like that on his lawn

caffeinegirl said...

Oh yes, everyone :D You, Sadie, Abby, Sayuri, Steph, the occasional english teacher, Loren, Christy, and a few random people who clicked "next blog." GASP :D

And um...Bush is a Yankees fan...DID NOT KNOW THAT.

*purchases red sox hat*
*whistles inconspiculously*

Steph said...

hon. PLEASE STAY YANKEES. if you cross over to the dark side, i can no longer be associated with you.

Abby said...

ahaha. i am full of subtlety. (besides, take a look at my blog, i have a PICTURE of myself. someday a scary person will recognize me on the street, or something.)