Tuesday, June 12, 2007

* Insert sharp objects here *

"Ohmygod, I had SUCH a disaster at lunch today. I ate SIX of Emma's animal crackers."

Ordinarily, this space would contain a lame attempt at a biting retort which would swiftly devolve into a largely unfocused rant about our society's fixation with unattainable body images but today, it will not.

Because I'm busy training rabid woodchucks to attack me and puncture my eardrums, thus preventing me from HEARING THIS SORT OF THING.


Leina said...

right, bc your sister is SO FAT!! i mean, she's a skeleton!!! *gasp*

i want animal crackers...

Abby said...

your family SCARES ME. in my family, a lunch disaster would be, like, "ohmygosh, i overturned SIX LUNCH TABLES and DIED." or possibly "i ate six PEOPLE," considering the mood i'm in lately.