Thursday, July 12, 2007

It's only sad if you stop laughing

As I am wont to do, I had "forgotten" to call my house for...a few days. I answered the eighth of my mother's frantic emails when I returned from lab at 11:30. She thought the response was hillarious and called me to tell me so, even lamenting that there was no "way to publish writing like this."

Oh yes. It's a shame that no one has a way to publicize their daily random pieces of writing in an easily updatable digital format. Yup.

The email:
"i just got home from lab. shoot me. thanks. and i had my 18 millionth chicken patty for dinner AND THEY ROTATED THE ITEMS ON THE SALAD BAR AND THERE IS NO MORE HUMMUS. which is tragic because hummus was like a foodgroup for me. AND they switched out the vanilla columbo frozen yogurt for some weird strawberry bannana thing. i hate them. AND Fabulously Snarky British Girl's mom was in boston and took her to chez henri. she had a steak. we were all jealous. but lab at night is by definition horrible but actually not so bad, beause by then everyone is crazy, PLUS dr. alloise leaves, so the TAs were like SWEET let's blast music. my brain is not actually working now.

It's actually not that funny because this remains my state of mind.



Leina said...

I had pie yesterday! it was was peach!
BTW! umbridge is TOTALLY kasony + french teacher- you would die

Sayuri said...

aha! sounds like brain thinking after labs :D

AND GASP!! LEINA i am jealous of your peach pie...

Leina said...

PS!! my IP address changed AGAIN so yes, it's me, not your family.

Anonymous said...

do you eat at that church-like-place just off of the central campus rectangluar area?

Anonymous said...

(i like their chicken patties. and their hot chocolate!)