Friday, July 06, 2007


Hello, my VAST and adoring audience!

I apologize. I take Orgo. And I have five half-written posts saved that I can't finish, because Orgo has taken the sad, pathetic humor that I had and sucked even that dry. Ooooh, dehydration synthesis reaction! (Ba-dum-CHHH!)

But honestly? I laughed when the head of the chem department at Dartmouth warned me that I would be "eating, sleeping, and breathing Orgo" but now I must admit that if Johnny Depp showed up at my door wearing nothing but a thin film of chocolate, I would tell him to fuck off.

Unless, of course, he could help me with these diastereoisomer configurations.


Rodrigo said...

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Leina said...

have you noticed that i check your blog everyday?? MULTIPLE TIMES!! i miss you!! but please don't die!! and i was totally going to be the first one to leave a comment, but my comp had a heart attack so i couldn't :(

Sayuri said...

awwww! leina is so dedicated! i think i may start checking more because i've been sad and alone for the most part. boohiss!

Anonymous said...

oh no! you wouldn't! not johnny depp!