Saturday, January 12, 2008

An anonymous kindred spirit

Seen taped to the broken printer in the student center:

"This printer is broken. A part has been ordered. In the mean time, I suggest you A) head to the library to print, and b) CALM DOWN. Think of something pleasant, like a puppy, or a friendly hedgehog, or whatever."


Steph said...

you spelled kindred incorrectly. :)

caffeinegirl said...

Secret: I CAN'T SPELL.

Blogger checks the body of the post, but not the headlines...whoopsy.

Sayuri said...

yay! they should've also added a picture to encourage this thinking of cute animals thing.

Leina said...

yes, pictures are key!! except you might get distracted by the cuteness and end up not printing whatever it was you needed printed.