Saturday, October 07, 2006

Damn technology. (Damn frat boys.)

I do not like being bested by technology. (Case in point: spent half of Friday night bent over The Blonde With Hot Librarian Glasses' broken speaker while we figured out how to use nail clippers as an emergency screwdriver. And it WORKED, bitches, it worked.)

Regardless, technology does occasionally win. Example:

Blitz (it means email, it sounds cooler, go with it) is life. Blitzes may, of course, be directed to multiple people. If blitzing out to a campus-wide list, the option becomes available to suppress recipient list. Proper etiquette dictates this, as it prevents the inevitable idiot from hitting "reply all" and spamming THE ENTIRE STUDENT BODY with their stupid question. Frats having parties generally want blitz out to as many people as possible, so it's far from unusual to get a message from a frat that has a suppressed recipient list.

Quick review of frat boy stereotypes: Your average frat boy is not a genius, but your average Dartmouth frat boy is pretty smart. But your average Dartmouth frat boy is not geeky, because they're all concentrated in one frat that has lame parties. That said: non geeky frat boys can become veeeerry technologically proficient if they have sufficient motivation.

Case in point: I received a blitz today from a certain frat. It announced that they were having a "Schoolgirl party." (You know, in retrospect, this sounds REALLY STUPID. But this frat had a schoolgirl party last year too, so it's plausible) The recipient list was suppressed, ergo, it went to the whole campus. My friends also received it. Nothing suspicious so far.

Now, as some of you may recall, I have a fair number of rather short, pleated skirts. (What???) Enough to supply us all, actually. So we had the skirts. We had the short white shirts. And the heels. And the hair ribbons. And, naturally, The Blonde With Hot Librarian Glasses was working the glasses. Yes, we're sluts. But that's why frats have themed parties--girls will use any reason, no matter how flimsy, to JUSTIFY dressing like a whore--ESPECIALLY if they have the reasonable expectation that MANY other females will be similarly attired.

If, however, a group of schoolgirls hits the frat and discovers that somehow, they were BASICALLY THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO RECEIVED THE BLITZ TELLING THEM TO DRESS LIKE SCHOOLGIRLS....well, there's going to be some rage. And some MAJOR staring. And some frat brothers telling you that "you ladies are welcome back anytime." And that's all that they said that I'm going to repeat.

I, after escaping, jumped back on my computer and discovered that someone has figured out how to suppress a recipient list even if the blitz is only going to a few people, thus tricking those few people into thinking that they are one of HUNDREDS of recipients when actually, they're just targets. NICE.

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