Monday, October 30, 2006

Yo, Bob!

Allow me to introduce you to someone:

His name is Bob.

Don't be shy, let's get up close and personal.

I'd like to start off by clarifying that Bob is NOT the result of one of my "milk decomposes" revelations. Nope, he got that way ALL BY HIMSELF. Isn't he a good boy?

Because I basically live on chocolate pudding, I purchased one of...several packages from the Why Yes, We Inflate Our Prices By 200%, Thanks for Asking store. I didn't realize at the time that where I thought I had four puddings, I really had three----and Bob!

Bob was discovered later that night. The Other Biology Nerd and I were studying in my room at the perfectly acceptable hour of 3am. Naturally, at such a time, more food becomes necessary. TOBN was casually opening a pudding when she shrieked--for she had discovered Bob.

Bob could have suffered a terrible fate that day. The logical course of action, after finishing with the eeeeeeeeewwww's and I almost ate that's, would have been to throw him out.

Fortunately, he was in the esteemed company of the aforementioned two Biology Nerds, so we merely spent the next twenty minutes poking him and giggling. We then sealed him up and stuck him at the back of the refrigerator so that he could hopefully grow into something even more delightfully squishy.

The Awesome Roommate however, being more of a Humanities Nerd, is not impressed with Bob. I know. How could you not want a pudding rotting and GROWING stuff in your refrigerator?



Leina said...

I wanted to visit you in college..but I think I've changed my mind

Steph said...

i think you can sue for that stuff.

Sayuri + Leina said...

I can see your keys in the first picture!