Sunday, October 08, 2006

You guys are so cute, but I'm getting squooshed

Awww. People complained that I didn't update! (And by people, of course, I mean, MASSIVE HORDES OF CLAMORING FANS. Not, like, one of you who has no life. Hi Leina!)

So. Things I've been doing instead of blogging?

1. Devoloping new and creative ways to fall out of bed.
2. Sleeping on other people's rugs.
3. Accidentally melting plastic bowls in the microwave.
4. Accidentally-on-purpose melting plastic bowls in the microwave because hey look, swirly plastic!
5. Bitch-slapping Paris Hilton.
6. Contemplating my sudden lack of socks.
7. Making excellent use of green food coloring and blaming Dr. Seuss.
8. Negotiating Fruit-By-The-Foot property rights.
9. Popping the bubble wrap. All of it.




So, this extremely kick-ass professor at my school developed this revolutionary method of teaching languages that is actually quite well known, and I think I've just handily dispatched with any secrets of where I actually attend college if you know how to use Google.

Because, like, I have thousands of readers stalking me.

Anyway, this method. Basically, they cram four years of high school spanish into one trimester, snap their fingers in your face, and demand that you answer instantaneously in a language you don't speak.


Because you will speak it. They make sure of that. However, I no longer think of this as "learning" Spanish. I think of it as being ASSAULTED by Spanish.

Unfortuantely, right now, Spanish is winning.

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