Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I simply refuse

Ooooooooooooh it's snowing. Legit snowing. This morning there were these wimpy little flakes approximately every five minutes, the kind of "snow" that elicits more discussion about the state of its existence than accumulation, but that has built up into BIG FAT WHITE FLAKES!

So I'm all SNOOOOOOOOOW WOOOOO PAR-TAY, and The Awesome Roomate is all shaking her head and mouthing "she's five" and my completely childish excitement is building when I realized...WE DON'T HAVE SNOW DAYS.

And a little part of me died right there. Or grew up, which is worse. So much of the childish excitement exists because snow makes things DIFFERENT. Snow is a change in the daily routine. Snow gets in our faces and says I'm here and I will FORCE you to take time off and appreciate how cool I look on the trees.

Apparently, the real world would rather slog through the snow and pretend that it's business as usual.

However, I simply refuse to grow up, so I am planning to, in the event of Extremely Legit Snow, declare a personal snow day.

I'm positive that my professors will be impressed.


Leina said...

Well, if you went to school somewhere down south I'm sure you'd get a snow day because according to my friends everything shuts down when they get flurries. In other news, it is still ridiculously warm at home (boohiss)

sayuri said...

oooooo IF ONLY IT WOULD SNOW HERE! gosh darn it...