Monday, January 08, 2007

Things I just know

Times tables.
Geeky Star Trek facts.
If your hair is natural or bleached.

The number of calories in any given food.

The Awesome Roommate? DOESN'T KNOW THAT. Seriously. It came up while we were buying groceries and I started quizzing her. She has NO IDEA.

"Hey, Awesome Roommate? How many calories in a Pop-Tart?"

"Oh I don't know. Thirty?" She was serious.

"Hon, it's WAY higher than thirty. WAY."

"Oh. Six hundred?"

GOOD GOD. (The answer, by the way, is 200 if it's chocolatey flavored, 210 if it's fruit. See? Chocolate is good for you!)

But how do you have NO SENSE OF THAT? A can of regular soda is 140. A candy bar is between 210 and 280, M&Ms lowest, Twix highest. Oreo-sized cookies are 50 or 60. Chips are 140 an ounce. A roll is 100, enough bread for a sandwich is 220. Cereal is 110--140 for a serving. Skim milk is 90 a cup. Low-fat ice cream is 150 for a half-cup. Haagen Dazs is 270. The whole pint is 1100. Coffee is 5 a cup, but Frappachinos are 260. 140 if they're light.

Now, this list does not make me look like the sane one, but let me assure you--she's nuts.

Or she works out all the time and eats when she's hungry, but seriously? That's weird.


Leina said...

um...most people don't count their calories...and the important thing is portions I thought, not to count the calories.

Sadie said...

*cower* i don't know anything about calories.... (probably explains unattractive pudge and poor self image)

sayuri said...

hahahaha! but counting calories doesn't seem to work very well! we should all just eat when we want to and not get fat. it would be glorious.