Thursday, January 04, 2007

Such is my life

Those of you long-time readers (yes, both of you) may recall some of my...interesting interactions with one of my professors. Yes, like when I launched a pen cap at him. Shut up.

Anyway, things came full circle at in a disturbingly symbolic, English-class type way at the end of last term. I had to write a final paper. Because I wrote the paper, yes, it was crap, and I finished it approximately thirty seconds before it was due.

At which point I ran out of ink.

Naturally, by then I was in a full-on all nighter/caffeine-induced panic, so I did what seemed logical at the time: I printed the paper out in purple ink. (The so-launched pen? Purple. COWER at the force of the metaphor-wrapped-in-an-allegory-ness.)

Now, I admit that my actions weren't that illogical. I just wish that I'd chosen, say, a sedate navy. And that I hadn't handed in a (crap) paper to THE LEADING FAUST SCHOLAR IN THE WORLD printed in PURPLE INK.

But life goes on.

And life goes on to the point where you return to college, clean out your desk, and discover that you had an extra black ink cartridge the entire time.



Leina said...

HOW COME I CAN'T COMMENT ON THE OTHER POST?? And what KIND of rum did you drink?

Leina said...

I don't think you're ever going to be able to live on your own

sayuri said...

yay!! it's ok! although maybe you should clean out your room more. or something.