Sunday, December 16, 2007

Double standards

I have come to the conclusion that when the hot hipster college boy barista gives you a free latte, it's cute and flattering, but when the weird-not-as-hot-definitely-older-than-college-boy barista does the same, it's sketchy.

I could analyze the larger implications of this discovery and blame society for something, or I could just be like SWEET FREE PEPPERMINT MOCHA! and leave it at that.


Sayuri said...

ooooh, remember that time in the apple store in the mall when you got hit on by that sketchy guy who wanted to practice japanese with you or something like that?

Abby said...

oh my goodness please tell me you are going to the winter concert tonight. i have to go, and i love my baby brother but i basically hate everybody else in the universe. by our powers combined, we can avoid talking to other people!

Leina said...