Monday, December 31, 2007

There are no updates

because I am attempting to spend every possible minute OUTSIDE my house, which means that I don't have access to a computer.

Case in point: I am posting this FROM MY PHONE. Which sucks, because of the teeny little keys, the teeny little stylus, and my gigantic klutzy fingers.

But it is much better than being at home and being sucked into Argument #8472: How The Liberals Are Ruining America vs. OMG STFU ktxbai, or Discussion #5309: Why Technical Competence Is A Clerical Skill, aka, I Am Too Incompetent To RIP A FREAKING CD. USING A MAC. WHICH IS DESIGNED SO THAT STUPID PEOPLE CAN USE IT. I QUIT.


Leina said...


Leina said...

ok, now it's better...but i was saying that you should use the stylus to press the buttons on the screen bc it is much easier and the keypad isn't so difficult to use if you don't use your thumb...but then you kind of look like an idiot, but that's better than accidentally calling random people!

Sayuri said...

hahahaha that sounds like the problem i have with the laptop i got from my uncle, which is tiny and oh-so-light, but so hard to type on. and i keep pressing the backspace button instead of the enter button which is very inconvenient.