Monday, May 07, 2007

And prom refuses to go away

Because frats have formals.

So I can be the girl who doesn't get asked for FOUR MORE YEARS.

Aren't we supposed to be DONE WITH THIS????????


leina said...

um...I haven't been asked to a frat formal either. but then again, I don't know a lot of people who are in frats.

caffeinegirl said...

Dude, the ENTIRE FREAKINC CAMPUS is in a frat.

leina said...

oh yea...frat formals are kind of stupid though. my friends keep leaving them early. they take the alcohol, and then leave.

caffeinegirl said...

LEINA! Are you insinuating that your friends are engaging in...underage drinking? THE HORROR.

*tsk tsk*

leina said...

WHAT?! they most certainly do not drink! and neither do i!! hence why i spent 28 straight hours drinking...*shame*