Sunday, May 06, 2007

So, why is The Awesome Roommate so awesome?

Next year, she is unfortunately becoming The Awesome Former Roommate (stupid STUPID housing lottery), but I assure you, the "Awesome" status will be maintained.


There is here, as there was at my high school, a particular social hirearchy regarding the lacrosse team. As playing lacrosse is apparently an accomplishment on par with curing cancer, the guys who play lacrosse are at the top of the ladder. Interestingly, while the girls who play lacrosse are high up, they are NOT at the top. That particular position is taken by the oh-so-lovely group of Louis Vuitton-sporting bleached hair anorexic bitch girls.

As that moniker is slightly long, The Awesome Roommate took it upon herself to reduce it: they've now been dubbed the "Laxie Sweethearts."

So perfect, people.


leina said...

hey...there's nothing wrong with Louis Vuitton! I still can't understand why men who play lacrosse are always so desirable because they're really not.

sayuri said...

louis vuitton is SOOO expensive tho, and although they have some cute bags, it is definitely overpriced...(speaking of which, kate spade has some really cute basket-ish bags!! but they're also ridiculously overpriced)
yeah, why are lacrosse men so high up on the social ladder? it's obviously all about the track and/or music people :D

leina said...

or soccer...DEFINITELY soccer and track! who then also are muscians...PERFECT! *drool*

sayuri said...

yes! forgot about soccer! soccer players are also good :D

Anonymous said...

louis vuitton?