Tuesday, May 08, 2007


it is perfect right now, green and sunny, but there are two hundred and sixty two nervous chemistry students who could not tell you that the temperature is eighty one degrees because the library is full of stale cold air.

this is the most beautiful place i have ever seen and the most i have ever wanted to die.

but if i close my eyes i see bond angle diagrams and electron shells and that is no way to leave, so i will survive in mortal terror to freak out in a psuedo-dramatic fashion another time.

there needs to be more coffee.


leina said...

I really wish the weather was crappy because then I could justify being holed up in the library. I just need to convince myself that in a few more days, I can sit outside in the sun all I want! but sitting at home alone isn't so much fun :(

Sayuri said...

aargh, but yes, it's good that it's indoors because otherwise we would shrivel up and die in the sun! yes.....