Friday, May 25, 2007

Deprivation Dilemma

Pirates of the Carribbean 3 is playing in theaters RIGHT NOW. AND I HAVE NOT YET SEEN IT.

There are unfortunately two factors contributing to my serious lack of Jack Sparrow:
1. I still have classes. BOOOOOOOOO.
2. The movie is NOT ACTUALLY PLAYING WITHIN 30 MILES OF HERE. Seriously. Remind me not to actually LIVE in the godforsaken middle-of-nowhere.

Fortunately, though we are miles and miles from real civilization, we do have...the Internet. And the Internet, through the tireless work of committed nerd-thieves, has ILLEGAL MOVIES.

Let's all pause and enjoy the delicious irony of pirating a movie about a pirate.

Anyway, the illegal files aren't quite available yet (but there is some ASSHOLE skeeving around the torrent networks trying to pass off a renamed copy of "Naked Sorority Pillowfight Vol. IV"--nice try. Also, rename the FILE and not just the TORRENT. Duh.) But after the juvilile fakes run their course, the movie will be available for download.

Assuming I don't get sued out of my I watch it? Or do I wait to actually get to see it in a theater? Because the theater experience, even in its $3 dollar bottle of water screaming children douchebags talking on cell phones glory is INFINITELY better than watching a jerky, out-of-focus, people walking in front of the camera bootleg.

Hmmm. Ok, decision: I will resist the cams. But if the telesyncs or DVD rips come out before I get home--I'm Jack Sparrowing it all the way.


Leina said...

I saw it Thursday evening! it was FANTASTIC!! SO MUCH JACK SPARROW LOVE! and greasy will turner love (only attractive when dirty...) you would greatly enjoy it! too bad you still have classes :(
I am a loving friend

Sayuri said...

SHAME! I STILL haven't seen it because it came out while I was in Japan and movies in Japan are like $18. *SAD*