Friday, May 04, 2007

Things that bother me

1. People who open the window when it's 28 degrees.

2. Lack of cookies.

3. Texas.

4. Presidents from Texas.

5. The way my comp sci prof says "access."

6. When you don't go to a gay pride event and people accuse you of not being an ally, except you're really just a person with a chemistry midterm.

7. Not playing the violin.

8. Playing the violin.

9. The absence of fucking phone jacks from our room.

10. Girls who look skinny in white leggings.

11. Toast.

12. YouTube and its ability to make you spend hundreds of hours doing nothing.

13. That my feet cracked.

14. People who run nine miles and tell you about it.

15. That I'm procrastinating so much that I am procrastinating from writing other, more meaningful blog posts. Let alone my chem homework.

16. Randy Jackson's excessive use of the word "dawg."

17. That The Awesome Roommate can SANG and doesn't give a shit that she can.


Leina said...

wait...why does TOAST bother you?? what on earth has it ever done to you?

caffeinegirl said...

It makes crumbs. EVERYWHERE.

leina said...

but it's tasty! (ignore the fact that i don't actually like toast). and cookies make crumbs EVERYWHERE! and so do powdered donuts except it's powdered sugar everywhere, not crumbs.

PandaMink said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sayuri said...

but regular bread can leave crumbs everywhere, toooooo

sayuri said...

and yes, the other comment was mine, because i was stilled logged in with my gmail junk mail account and it didn't actually show my name *sad*

Sadie said...

whats sang?

caffeinegirl said...

"Sang" used improperly is "sing" with emphasis.

Britney Spears can kind of sing, J-Lo can sing, but Christina Aguilera, girl can SANG.

(I spend too much time on American Idol message boards.)

leina said...


Normally, I wouldn't care, but it's 4:09 in the morning and physics hates me

leina said...

PS!! I have a fabulous story that I know you'd love but it's kind of a you-had-to-be-there moment but whatever. So I was in Cafe Opus with my friend and it's kind of tiered so I was climbing up the steps to my friend who was on the second tier, but then I tripped because it's me. I tried to catch myself, but I couldn't because in the process of tripping myself, I also managed to step on my other foot so it was stuck and i was basically lying spread eagle on the steps and it was just amazing.

caffeinegirl said...

Sayrui did, she was logged in with the wrong name.

*Leina does not stalk my blog*

leina said...

...of course i do not stalk your blog! hence why i've checked it like..6 times in the last 3 minutes
*shifty eyes*

PandaMink said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sayuri said...

hahahaha i snarfed my black cherry soda because of leina's story about tripping and landing spread eagled on the steps. it also sort of reminds me of the time when i totally tripped on steps in a train station in tokyo and it was really embarassing :D

AND GAH! I DID IT AGAIN!! i deleted another comment i made under the wrong name. FOR SHAME!

Anonymous said...

i want to hear you play violin sometime. yes, she can. but so can you!