Monday, September 10, 2007


Over the Hedge is THE BEST MOVIE IN THE HISTORY OF MOVIES. Even if you've already seen it GO SEE IT. AGAIN. NOW.

While you're watching imagine me as the squirrel. See? See?

Everyone who is even remotely associated with Joe's Jeans deserves a Congressional Medal of Honor. FOR SERIOUS.


Leina said...

i've never heard of joe's jeans!! are they expensive?? if so, they're out of the question even if they do fit well *tear*

caffeinegirl said...

Leina, Leina, Leina.

Let's review. Jeans that fit ME...probably not going to fit you, and vice versa. SHAME.

Leina said...

i have no butt *tear*

Leina said...

WHY CAN YOU NO LONGER WRITE ANONYMOUS COMMENTS??? i wasn't going to, but i didn't want to sign into gmail!!

caffeinegirl said...

Anonymous comments were disabled on account of the Knight-in-Rusted-Douchebag-ness.

Sayuri said...

huh?? i'm not sure why the knight-in-rusted-douchebag-ness thing led you to disable comments...??

Sadie said...

hello, over the hedge. we meet again. oh the hours we spent together whist i was babysitting.

kate you are the squirrel. but the movie sucks.
squeak squeakity squeak... squeakum.