Monday, September 17, 2007


Texas has very little space that is not paved over...but it has really awesome shopping!

The average Texas home/place of business cranks up the air conditioning until the liquid in your eyeballs freezes...but it's nice and warm if you survive to go outside.

The populace is EVER SO SLIGHTLY conservative...but they're polite about you would feel bad punching them out...but if you punched them out, it would be ok, because it's Texas.

"He needed killin'" will stand up in court...I am undecided if this is good or bad.

It's gigantic, so you have to drive everywhere...but everyone drives really fast. (To the point that it freaked ME out. Yes, this can happen.)

There is REALLY SERIOUSLY GOOD Mexican food...there is REALLY SERIOUSLY GOOD Mexican food.

Final conclusion: Texas is very large.

This is the kind of hard-hitting analysis that you came for, right?


Leina said...

i'm guessing you enjoyed your time in Texas!

Aurora said...

i just caught myself up on "i believe in coffee"... i also just realized how much i missed you. expect blog posts of my own to follow