Monday, September 03, 2007

I may have mentioned that I am five years old

Went to Linens n Things today because hey! Labor Day! Sale!

I needed a new bath towel and one of those plastic holds-all-your-shower-stuff doodads.

I came out sans towel.

Sans doodad.

And plus one gigantic fluffy penguin.

His name is Pepper, and this is why I have no money.


Leina said...

what is that weird blue thing strangling pepper?

caffeinegirl said...

he has blue stripes. he also, for some reason, quacks when squeezed.

Leina said...

OMG! I WANT TO SEE HIM!! you should come visit AND BRING HIM!! or just send him and not come visit :P

Leina said...

it kind of sounds like i'm talking about a person, except it's a stuffed penguin..I HAVE NO LIFE!

Sayuri said...

but it's a cute penguin!

and it's ok, leina, we understand you just have a deep love for cute stuffed creatures like pepper. *pat pat*